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In the space domain, APCO Technologies is one of the European leaders in three different fields: flight equipment, Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE), and on-site services.

In the flight segment, APCO Technologies develops, manufactures, assembles, integrates and tests structure and thermal subsystems for satellite platforms and instruments, and for launchers. APCO Technologies also develops mechanisms for payload instruments.

In the ground segment, APCO Technologies develops and realizes Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE) with more than 2’000 equipment successfully delivered all over the World. Whatever a client needs to assemble, calibrate, lift, tilt, position, measure, test or transport its satellite or launcher, APCO Technologies is able to develop a tailored solution or to propose an off-the-shelf equipment that will fit with the needs.

In the services, APCO Technologies provides on-site support at the Centre Spatial Guyanais (CSG) in Kourou to the launchers’ prime and satellite operators. In particular, APCO Technologies is in charge of the maintenance and exploitation of the payload preparation buildings where any satellite launched in French Guiana is finalized.

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