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The Headquarters - Aigle Facility

Since December 2008, APCO Technologies’ headquarters have been located in Aigle (Switzerland), 10km upstream of Lake Leman in the Rhone Valley.

The site, wholly owned by APCO Technologies, is settled on 50’000 sqm of land and is composed of 4’000 sqm of modern office buildings and 12’000 sqm of workshops, including a newly built facility dedicated to the manufacturing of Ariane 6 recurring parts.

It comprises:

  • Two production lines for composite sandwich panels, up to 5 x 3 m in dimension, including 2 autoclaves and 2 milling machines for aluminium and carbon fiber machining
  • One gantry milling machine for parts up to 3’800 x 2’800 x 1’300 mm
  • One column milling machine for parts up to Ø 2’300 x 3’300 mm
  • One turning-milling Machine for parts up to Ø 235 x 1’300 mm or Ø 280 x 200 mm
  • One washing cabin for parts up to 6’000 x 3’000 x 2’500 mm
  • One ISO7 clean room with a surface of 400 sqm
  • One ISO5 clean room with a surface of 20 sqm
  • One thermal vacuum chamber, with a useful volume of 650 x 650 x 650 mm, and an operating temperature range from -83°C to +125°C
  • One laser treatment machine for aluminum skins up to 2’900 x 1’900 mm
  • One US control machine for parts up to 5’000 x 3’000 x 400 mm
  • One Rx control machine for parts up to 3’000 x 2’500 x 400 mm
  • Two large 3D measurement machines for parts up to 5’000 x 3’000 x 2’000 mm
  • More than 200 certified measurement instruments

Chalon-sur-Saône Facility

APCO Technologies’ French office in Chalon-sur-Saône is dedicated to on-site activities for energy sector customers.

This office is a base for preparation and management of on-site operations, with dedicated technical teams who prepare all necessary documentation, procedures and tooling.

In addition to the on-site personal, more than 70 technicians travel mainly in France and Europe for the installation and commissioning of new equipment, emergency outage support, maintenance and technical assistance.

Kourou Facility

A permanent team of 35 people is located in Kourou (French Guiana) to provide on-site services to CNES, Arianespace, ArianeGroup and ArianeGroup, AVIO ans satellite primes at the European Space Port (CSG = Centre Spatial Guyanais).

Composed of both Swiss and local staff, the APCO Technologies Kourou team is in charge of satellite preparation activities, starting with their arrival in French Guyana to their transfer to the launch pad.

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