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High Security Lifting, Handling & Positioning

Beyond the company’s technical expertise and ability to engineer efficient solutions, APCO Technologies provides turnkey projects for high security lifting, handling and positioning equipment.

From the customer’s specifications phase through concept, design, manufacturing, workshop testing and transportation, to on-site installation and commissioning, APCO Technologies manages all project steps focusing on quality, time to delivery and cost-effective solutions for severe environments.

One of the most relevant turnkey projects remains the Flamanville 3 EPR (European Pressurized Reactor) Polar Crane. APCO Technologies is one of only two companies worldwide providing the development, manufacture and delivery of EPR Polar Cranes.


In order to improve reliability, performance, to adopt new operating systems standards, or to modify the functionalities of existing equipment, APCO Technologies offers renovation and refurbishment services.

This service covers all necessary tasks from initial risk analysis, through complete system redesign, to final on-site installation, commissioning and testing.


Some maintenance operations on complex machines may require the development of special tools.

APCO Technologies’ teams of engineers and on-site technicians combine their knowledge and experience to analyse, design and implement specific solutions that will then be applied on-site.

Such tools not only take into account the technical challenge to be addressed but also the necessity of performing maintenance tasks with maximum safety in a severe environment, while reducing impact on planning.
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