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APCO Technologies is the leading company for Launcher MGSE having provided for years many manufacturing, assembly, integration, testing, transport and transfer means to European and US launcher system primes .

APCO Technologies has been particularly involved in the Ariane 5, Ariane 4, Soyuz, VEGA, ATLAS 5 and Titan 3 programs, providing transport containers, utilities provision systems and highly secured overhead cranes to the launcher system primes.

On the Ariane 6 Program, APCO Technologies, with its unique heritage in launcher MGSE development and realization, is in charge of the “MGSE Center of Excellence” contract for the launcher system prime.

Through this innovative “Center of Excellence”, APCO Technologies defines the functional needs of the customer and establishes the system and subsystem specifications to optimize synergies. APCO Technologies realizes all the transverse means, transport containers and handling equipment of the upper and lower propulsion modules and of the launcher’s upper composite.

APCO Technologies is also on-board with the responsibility to develop and deliver the Equipped Solid Rocket (ESR) upper and& lower attachment subsystems of Ariane 6.

To guarantee high level production rates, APCO Technologies specially developed and deployed “Industry 4.0” competencies and invested in a brand new production workshop to manufacture large batches of ESR upper and lower attachment sets per year.

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