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APCO Technologies History

APCO Technologies was founded by André Pugin in 1992 in Vevey (Switzerland).

Since its creation, APCO Technologies has been active in three different fields of activities: space, energy and industry.

This diversified business strategy has been a key enabler for APCO Technologies’ continuous growth.

In 1997, APCO Technologies opened an office in Kourou, to serve as a base for its operations and services to the European Space Port in French Guyana.

At this occasion, APCO Technologies became the first Swiss company active with permanent staff at the European Space Port.

In late 2008, APCO Technologies moved from its Vevey plant to new facilities in Aigle (20 km away), custom built and tailored to the diversity of its activities and needs.

Due to the rapid growth of the company, the site has significantly expanded since then, first with a 2nd office building in 2013, then with additional workshop space the following year.

In early 2018, a 7th manufacturing hall became operational to be dedicated to space activities for the new Ariane 6 rocket.

This brings APCO Technologies total workshop area to nearly 12’000 sqm, including ISO5, ISO7 and ISO8 cleanrooms independent of 4’500 sqm of offices, confirming our vision to be an integrated partner for our clients with 100% of our industrial activities based in Switzerland.

APCO Technologies is family owned and operated. In July 2017, a member of the second generation of the family, Aude Pugin, became CEO after working as CFO for eight years.