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On-site Services

APCO Technologies has been operating in French Guyana for more than 20 years.

APCO Technologies’ permanent team, composed of both local and Swiss staff, provides technical services and expertise to CNES, Arianespace and satellite primes at the European Space Port (CSG – Centre Spatial Guyanais).

In particular, APCO Technologies’ team is responsible for the maintenance and operation of all the payload preparation facilities (EPCU – Ensemble de Préparation des Charges Utiles).

In French Guyana, APCO Technologies is also charged with the management of Individual Protection Equipment (EPI) used by the European Space Port staff as well as with the Mechanical Engineering Office (BET) providing technical assistance and studies to the site.

Thanks to those activities, APCO Technologies’ staff accompanies the satellite primes and final customers during their payload final preparation phase.

This allows on-site teams to make use of APCO Technologies space equipment and to provide feedback to our headquarters in Aigle with vital information contributing to our continuous, on-going technical development.