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MGSE for Satellites, Instruments, Launchers and Facilities

With more than 1’500 MGSE delivered to its customers, APCO Technologies is the European leader for MGSE development and realization.

With its exceptional heritage, APCO Technologies is able to provide to worldwide customers with either off-the-shelf equipment or innovative custom-made solutions.

APCO Technologies’ MGSE complies with European, US and Russian dimensioning standards. They can be compatible with use in ISO8 to ISO3 cleanliness conditions.

Whatever the challenges to comply with positioning accuracy, heavy load handling, compactness, ergonomy, ATEX compatibility, amagnetic environment, cost efficiency, or very short leadtime…, APCO Technologies is always able to propose solutions that will satisfy its customers, helping them manufacturing, assembling, integrating, testing and transporting their valuable flight equipment.

In addition, APCO Technologies is the very first company to establish a catalogue of standard satellite MGSE covering the full scope of usual functionalities (lifting, handling, testing, positioning, transportation, etc.) for 3 different ranges of commercial satellites, from 1.5 to 4 tons (dry mass).

With this innovative approach, APCO Technologies aims to offer its customers high-quality, cost-effective and time-saving equipment.

The data sheets of our standard satellite MGSE can be downloaded using the following links:
– AT200 range Data Sheets
– AT280 range Data Sheets
– AT350 range Data Sheets

APCO Technologies is recognized worldwide for its expertise in the development and realisation of complex and custom-made systems for operational facilities (production workshops, test centers, launch bases, etc.).

For example, APCO Technologies has provided physical properties measurement systems for payload up to 5 tonnes to various space agencies.

APCO Technologies has also provided several utilities systems for launchers (Ariane 5, Ariane 6, Soyuz, VEGA).