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Assembly & Welding Fixtures for Naval Industry

APCO Technologies is the leading company for the development, manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing of assembled and welded fixtures for the Naval Industry.

APCO Technologies offers optimized lifting & turning systems that allow its customer’s production teams to lift and overturn boat hull units during the assembly process, thereby enabling down-hand position welding operations.

APCO Technologies develops custom-made solutions to secure large, heavy parts during the assembly and welding process to meet customer’s boat hull geometry requirements.

To comply with its customers’ challenging needs, APCO Technologies has developed specific knowledge and technologies for pre-heating and automated welding of boat hulls and stiffeners.

Today’s manufacturing requires efficiency and cost savings at every opportunity. APCO Technologies is an industry leader providing state-of-the-art robotic cutting & welding machine design and integration, programming & controls automation, as well as custom fabrication.